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Biosecurity Resource Toolbox

The Biosecurity Resource Toolbox contains 60 resources, of which 27 are related to Biosecurity only, 23 to Biosecurity in combination with Biosafety, and 10 that are related to aspects of dual use. The type of resources available in the toolbox include interactive tools to mitigate insider threats at strategic and sensitive industries, checklists for the identification of vulnerabilities for strategic industries that house CBRN and dual use items, and documents related to legislation, guidelines, and best practices concerning biosecurity.

The toolbox is categorized into six themes:
1- Legislation, policy & codes
2- Self-assessment tools, frameworks and checklists
3- Risk and threat assessment & management
4- Biosafety & security training
5- Awareness raising
6- Guidance & best practices.

The theme ‘Legislation, policy & codes’ is divided in two subthemes: ‘Legislation’ and ‘ Policy and codes’ and the theme ‘Guidance & best practices’ is divided in the subthemes ‘National’ and ‘Institutional’.

The resources within each of these six themes can be accessed by clicking on the text or icon of one of the themes in the pie chart. A new screen will open with the available resources within that theme. Each resource is described using a small introduction, and a link to the location where the resource can be found. This location can be a website, application, or (a direct link to) a specific document.

Returning to the homepage of the biosecurity resource toolbox can be achieved by clicking on the home button.

Selection of resources
Resources included in the toolbox meet the following criteria: (1) resource is related to laboratory biosecurity, (2) resource should be available online, (3) resource is not tailored to a non-European country, (4) resource is published or available in an (online) up to date database, and (5) access to training resources are free (after registration). A final selection of resources was made through expert judgement.

About the Biosecurity Resource Toolbox
The toolbox was created as part of EU project ”The preparation of a biosecurity toolbox to strengthen European Biosecurity" with financial support from the European Commission—Directorate General Home Affairs (Specific contract HOME/2019/ISFP/FW/CBRN/0005 under Framework contract HOME/2014/ISFP/PR/CBRN/0025-Lot 1, see also EU counter-terrorism activities). The project was performed by a consortium existing of RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands), ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and ENCO (consultancy providing specialized services on nuclear power and CBRN topics to both government and industry). Additional in-kind support was provided by members of the EBRF.