About EBRF

The European Biosecurity Regulators Forum (EBRF) has its origin in work conducted by a group of six European countries (Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom) in 2013-2014 within the context of the EU CBRN Action Plan. The group focused on ways of securing biological substances with dual-use potential. The project resulted in a guideline with best practices and examples of national implementation of biosecurity.

In 2014, the group continued cooperation with an expanded focus towards awareness raising activities of biosecurity and dual-use issues. Since the inaugural meeting in 2015, representatives of national regulatory bodies of the EBRF have continued to meet every half year to discuss important biosecurity and dual-use topics.


Current EBRF members are Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Members should represent a European country, be involved in biosecurity in either human, animal or plant sector, and represent a government agency that has a regulatory function in relation to biosecurity, or promotes biosecurity regulation.